Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Marvel Universe Figures Hit the Pegs

The newest wave of Hasbro's Marvel Universe 3.75" figures have hit stores and in an odd twist, it turns out the initial Hasbro proto pics were far more ugly than the actual finished product! We've scooped up everyone but the Skrull Soldier and shot some pics to show you what you are in for.

This newest wave of Marvel Universe figures includes...

Iron Patriot
Iron Spider-Man
Mary Jane Watson (with Miss Lion!)
Skrull Soldier
Winter Soldier
The Wrecker

We scored our lot at Walmart, located in Old Bridge, New Jersey..which is usually the last place on the planet to get shipments, so your store should have a fresh batch right now. The absence of the Skrull Warrior and only 1 Mary Jane on the pegs alongside 6 Iron Spider-Men told us the scalpers are still in full swing, so be prepared and snap your camera phone pics of your local scalpers today!

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