Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Marvel Minimate-Splosion

As we get ever closer to New York Comic Con, all the little wonderful plastic buddies we can buy there are coming to light. Diamond Select in particular has a couple of new Marvel Comics Minimates sets on tap with characters so obscure and so specific to a particular comic run, they could only be possible in the blocky Minimate format. First up is the Age of Apocalypse Minimates featuring Magneto, Rogue, Cyclops, and Sunfire, exclusive to Action Figure Xpress (booth 1977). AFX will also have a New Mutants set (my MUST HAVE of the show!) This set includes some of the original members Cannonball, Sunspot, Karma, and Wolfsbane. Cannonball has a flight blast accessory and Sunspot has extra hands and feet. Very cool set, but shouldn't Sunspot be black with yellow highlights, not the other way around? Odd choice. Previews also claims their own exclusive with Wolverine, Dark Beast, Apocalypse and Jean Grey, also available at NY Comic Con, most likely at Diamond's booth.

Diamond Select also realize that, since their Marvel Minimates haven't been in main stream stores for long, people may have missed the core characters in their most famous looks. On that note, they've got you covered!

"Coming soon to the Disney Store (A DST first!!!) is this special Minimates box set. Featuring Spider-Man, Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man it’s the perfect way to add classic versions of all your favorite Marvel heroes to your collection! Look for it at your favorite Toys R Us soon!" So is this a Disney exclusive or just the first time you'll find Marvel Minimates in Disney stores? We think the latter. Looking forward to having more places to buy Marvel merch!!

Their final announcement heralds the coming of Captain America in his own film and to celebrate, they held a contest on the Toys R Us website to pick 4 Captains from throughout history to be included in a boxed set. The winners are World War II, Suspended Animation, Armored, and Reborn versions of the star spangeled Avenger, exclusive to Toys R Us stores.

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