Tuesday, September 14, 2010

JUN's Taeyang Dolls Go METAL

Sometimes we are sent news from reputable sources..most often from the companies who own the product they are talking about...and sometimes we just get turned on to a series of pictures and are forced to do research. That is a lot like work. These particular pictures lead us to a Japanese website which, upon the application of super accurate translation technologies, revealed their story.

Saintly Starvation Demon Doll 5 !!

Commemorating the terrestrial debut 25th anniversary period limitation re-collection of saintly starvation demon II, with period limitation incoming order production “Saintly starvation demon selling II doll”!

To presently from first stage of saintly starvation demon II terrestrial debut, the JAP atelier which has produced the battle dress fatigues (clothes) of the member (member), it is the doll which plan/original sample production/perfection supervision and saintly starvation demon II officially recognize.

As for the battle dress fatigues which it reappears those of the time of terrestrial debut 25th anniversary period limitation re-collection!
You design & produce the genuine battle dress fatigues and, you know the material to the point of not being visible of course and the staff of the JAP atelier which has been exhausted from prototype production has kept increasing aggregate power to commodity supervision. The feature face of the saintly starvation demon II member has received supervision in each member.

The doll itself uses “TAEYANG ([teyan])” of corporation [guruvu], corporation [guruvu] produces. It is the doll which each joint can do, attach the pause mobility with respect to 30 reasons.

...And there you have it. Look for these in April of 2011. METAL

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