Sunday, December 27, 2009

Hi..It's Vince..I Rule You

Three nights ago I was taking a break from wrapping presents, watching TV when the usual ShamWOW commercial came on. The usual propaganda about this being a miracle of modern science..will clean your house..keep your kids in line..potty train the baby AND the puppies simultaneously. A product so amazing, NASA kept it locked in an unmarked crate since 1952 after it fell to Earth under very suspicious circumstances...and can be YOURS!! No puddle will ever be safe again. If this product doesn't work to your satisfaction, Vince will come to your house personally and impregnate the family member of your choosing. That's dedication. When it was over, Vince popped up again...but this time..he was ready to JAM.

My Jaw was sufficiently dropped. I literally starred at the TV like a mongoloid until it was over...but there was more...

What can I say? Amazing. Incredible. The bits with the chick dancing around in a white room almost made me fall out of my chair. Soo ridiculous and yet, I'm sure, incredibly effective. I'd love to see the numbers on sales before these vids and after! It's a little slice of brilliance.

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