Tuesday, December 1, 2009


...And the skies opened up and heaven shone down on the lowly state called New Jersey and a booming voice said "You there who would be the keeper of the plastics, go unto Target and begin the reaping!!" And so I went forth and lo, there were JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED FIGURES!! At this point, seeing new JLU figures on the pegs is such a rare occurrence that you rub your eyes in disbelief when it happens. Today I visited my local, daily scalped Target and noticed something different on the pegs. Amid the rows of Fire and Ice 3 packs was one item screaming the words to "one of these things just ain't like the otherrr". A 3 pack with Wonder Woman, Superman and...Blackhawk!! Pretty damn cool, yes, but I was reluctant to spend 12 dollars on 1 new figure, especially when I should be Christmas shopping. It was a pretty easy call as Blackhawk isn't an essential for me. I flipped over the card and saw two familar 2 packs I've been seeing in stores for months now and 1 new one including Batman, Amanda Waller and General Eiling!! So...let me get this straight. The Marvel family is a MattyCollector exclusive but I can walk into a Target and buy two human characters?! Madness. I put Blackhawk back on the peg and took a knee to flip through the 6 inch Public Enemies figures hoping to score a Silver Banshee. What I found was way better. Some enterprising (and un-imaginitive) collector left me a hidden present!! 2 three packs I would not pass up. One was the previously mentioned Batman vs Cadmus pack. The other was the Superfriends pack!!! Again, how this wasn't an online exclusive is beyond me but I'll never argue the logic that puts 3 new figures in my hands for only 12 bucks. Apache Chief, Black Vulcan and Samurai are now MINE. Not even a rampaging Big Arms Joe could tear them from me. Check the eye candy...

The third three pack on the back was Silver Banshee, Superman and Metallo. I'll take this moment to once again beg Mattel to re-issue the last 2 multi figure packs that included Bwana Beast and that lot. Pleeeeeeeeease? OK I'm done grovelling.

After some spontaneous dancing in the Christmas isle with Lori, Eileen and a feminine sounding elephant caroler, I headed for home and noticed I still had a half hour before Walmart would close. I'd been putting off scoring the Clone helmet for my nephew anyway, so I pointed the car toward evil commerce. NEW STUFF! First I spotted new Batman Brave and the Bold figures. I've got a little love for this line and the giant Lego like holes in their arms. When done well on a specific character, it's a must buy. Other times, they just look like baby toys. On my last run, I grabbed a very retro looking Joker and Green Arrow as well as Plastic Man. Now I spotted Robotman, a smirking gold guy. Meh..pass. On the back, the promise of FIRESTORM!! That one will be a must grab, but this time around, I'd have no joy. Lucky for me those new figures were there because otherwise, I never would have noticed new packaging for Spider-Man! Another line that has been rotting on the pegs, constantly refilled with the same stale wave, and now, some odd differences. A new Black Spider-Man hung next to the older one, nearly identical unless you are a super geek like me. Less blue wash on the new edition and maybe even a new body? He seemed to be standing differently. Behind him, Green Goblin! Talk about an ugly mug...I know Goblin is supposed to be creepy looking, but it almost looks like the sculpt of the head was smushed and they went ahead and did the mold anyway. The second thing you'll notice is a severe cut back on articulation. No wrist swivels, ankles, waist and to add a smack in the face, swivel hips!!! What remains are those awkward Star Wars joints for the knees and elbows, mid torso ball joint, pegged and hinged shoulders and a ball jointed head that is already super loose on my figure. Accessories include a semi translucent pumpkin bomb and a glider with not one drop of paint on it. I feel like I bought the ugly little sucker just because I was so happy to find another new Marvel figure so soon after my Nemesis score. Mistake. You may also want to note that Goblin is slightly shorter than the dudes from the Nemesis wave as well as Torch from the new 2 pack. Complete misfire. I'm positive he'll make some kid very happy but for collectors that most likely have 2 or 3 superior versions (some of which are YEARS older), this one is a definite pass.

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