Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Marvel Figure Wish List

2010 is fast approaching, so I thought I'd take this opportunity to moan about the Marvel Legends scaled figures I still don't have...so Hasbro and Diamond Select, this is for you!

Luke Cage (current New Avengers look) - Could be made by either company, as Diamond have a 7 inch license and Luke is a big dude, and since we are talking about a guy in fairly normal street clothes, it's probably better for Diamond as comic shop patrons know exactly who he is...and that they need him badly to complete a New Avengers set up!

Jean Grey - Still baffles me and probably 90% of the toy buying public that they've never made a Legends figure of her. That's why it stings even more that she's out right now in the Marvel Universe line (and Cage is on the way too. HAHA very funny.)

Juggernaut - Yea, they just did him in the Hasbro Spider-Man line, but he's puny. Time for Diamond to step up and give us the huge figure with fists we've been waiting for. Since it's been so long since he was originally released in the Legends line, he'd be a welcome addition..and trust me..we could use a new one with tighter joints and more stability!

Rogue - Another inexplicable absence on most Legends collector's shelves. Why, we'll never know, but it's high time Hasbro fixed the problem! Hell, give us a two pack with a new Gambit. Even thought the original was excellent, I'd take an update just to get Rogue. Better yet, do her in a two pack with a classic Storm figure! Female figure collectors would go berserk.

Sub-Mariner - The Fantastic Four BAF series was rediculously absent from retail stores, so I'm sure, like me, most collectors are still waiting to add this figure in his iconic look to their collections. Speaking of this wave of figures, we could also use a do over of...

Ronan - Time for Diamond to step in and give us the perfect Ronan we've always wanted (and can actually buy), primed and ready to take on Thanos all by himself.

Morbius - High time for a new version of this Spidey vamp. With vampires so popular right now, it should be a no brainer. I wouldn't be surprised if he were popping back up in comics right now. A comic accurate Blade figure would be an awesome idea as well.

Baron Zemo - Sometimes, I don't understand why Toybiz made the choices they did. They make Sub-Mariner and know that a very large percentage of their sales come from comic collectors, but instead of his iconic look, they dress him up. Same deal with Loki. With Zemo, they went completely retro and put him in a more bizarre costume than the last one he actually wore! Madness. Let's get the classic Zemo done properly.

Task Master - If there were ever a guy in need of a do-over, this is it. He's become a heavy hitter in the MU recently, so he's worth making right!

Terrax - He's got an awesome look and has to be the most known herald of Galactus next to Silver Surfer.

Will post more when I have some free time! Give the Thunderbolts and Wrecking Crew a thought for boxed sets while you wait.


  1. You do know that Zemo was the WWII version of Heinrich, not the current Helmut, right?
    (besides, how many people instantly turned him into a 6" Cobra Commander!!)

    I'll second the T-Bolts as long as I get New Warriors, Thunderstrike, and Quasar!

  2. Yes, which is ridiculous. WHYYYY make a character in a version that isn't currently in the comics? Sure they made FA versions of popular characters, but how many people actually know Zemo??