Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Insta-Morph

While stuffing a legion of X-Men into new shelf units, an interesting thought was laid before me. What about Morph? The character created for the 90's X-Men animated series did get his day in the 5 inch Marvel Universe, but never achieved Legends status. This could be rectified easily enough. Take one horrible, yowling Wolverine figure in the classic Blue and Gold X uniform contained in the 2 pack with Forge, discard said angry yodeling head and put Clint Barton's maskless mug (from the Ronin/Elektra 2 pack) in it's place. Now swap out the clawed hands for a left from Forge and a right from Wolverine with claws sheathed and you are 90% there. Sure, if you are going to be a perfectionist, those claw housings will need to be dremeled down later or simply worked off with very fine sand paper, but its an easy fix. For the hair, I went with a purpley/black/blue mix to give him an otherworldly appearance, as I thought he would sport being a bent shapeshifter and all that. The dark hair actually makes this head seem a bit gaunt, which is perfect for the character, and causes lighter eyes to pop as well. Pretty quick mod and now I have a new figure I never realized was here all along!


  1. How about you just take any of the figures you have and put a card in front of it that says Morph.

    He was a shape changer, you know? He could be anyone.

  2. Now Age of Apocalypse Morph will be a bit trickier, but I want it...

  3. ohhhh...Rene...that's no fun. That would be like painting any animal figurine green and calling it beast boy. Sure, it's accurate..but YOU WOULD KNOW!!