Monday, September 3, 2012

For the Love of FLCL

Which should read "For the Love of Fooly Cooly" but then some Anime purist fool will drop in and say it's actually Furi Curi or some such, but I WILL NOT HAVE MY LOVE FOR THIS CARTOON TAKEN FROM ME!! ..or tainted by white people who think they are Asian. Thank you very much. Those who have been stalking me long enough know of my love for the Anime FLCL. If it were a pet, I would sit it in my lap like the ever present, evil companion to some Bond villain, telling him of all my plans for torture and subjugation of the world's populace. If it were a full length body pillow, I would hold it close every night, dreaming it was a real girl. I love FLCL that much...but I'm still not a fanatic who has to have ugly banners featuring art from the show hanging around my apartment and stuffed characters sitting on my couch. What I DO need are more action figures AND sculptures from the show. In the past, despite a rabid cult following, only a handful of toys were made available. They include...

Kaiyodo's Lord Kanchi (which I suppose is the Japanese spelling) in blue and red and Haruhara Haruko with her vespa, guitar and alternate head

Takara's Haruhara Haruko and Samejima Dolls

Kaching Brands 12 inch Lord Canti vinyl figures which come in blue, red, TobyHK Bruce Lee jumpsuit style, TobyHK black and white cammo, MAD white deco, MAD "Barracuda" design, Triston Eaton "Rainmaker" designs "Rain" (shown) and "Thunder", Cameron Tiede design, Cameron Tiede "Salsa" colors (not shown), Jesse Hernandez design, Matias Vigliano "Doma" smiley design, KOA design, and the oooOOOooo Hot Topic exclusive skeleton design.

Beyond that, you can find the odd PVC collection figure and sub-par plush that doesn't quite capture the fun of the show. Then came Sen-ti-nel and their Rio: bone line...and their crew who clearly sought to create the ultimate versions of Lord Canti in a market sorely lacking anything even close. Here's how they did...

Out Now:

Coming Soon:

Perfection doesn't come cheap as each version of Canti will set you back 80 to 100 bucks (or 70 to 90 for the red version) and upwards in the US. It's a small price to pay for diehards with few other options and the anime fan accustomed to paying big bucks for plastics, but the casual fan may spit out their pop at the mere thought.

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