Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Final Trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2

May 2nd. MAY 2nd!! So close, and yet so far away. It's going to be very interesting to watch the box office numbers for this one. If toy sales are any indication, die hard fans don't care much for this new incarnation of Electro, who is the main baddie in the latest film. Sort of throws a wrench into things, hm? Luckily, Sony have hedged their bets and added a new Green Goblin, and (from what I hear) a quick battle with Rhino to make sure fans have a lot to freak out about...and freak we did! This all paves the way for Sony's immersive Spidey-Universe, hoping to mirror some degree of success Marvel Studios has captured for their own cinematic universe, with Sinister Six and Venom films on the way. They've got the A talent crafting each film, but no win in Hollywood is assured until those dollar signs come rolling in. I'll be watching...but for now, we get to watch THE WHOLE DAMN CITY OF NEW YORK BLOW UP!!! ..because super heroes can't fight these days without wrecking the neighborhood, ya know?

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  1. Wow, that final shot of Rhino just got me jazzed for May 2nd all the more. I can't wait.