Thursday, March 20, 2014

Get Ready for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY May 3rd!

One day a year, fans, newbs, and kids of all ages can rush into a local comic shop and snap up a number of FREE comic books from giant publishers and indie comics masters alike!! Need more details? Our pal Stan will fill you in...

Local participating comic shops in your area will be getting in on the fun with giveaways and contests as well as artists, writers and other folks involved in creating the comics you love. Hit up the Comic Shop Locator for stores in your area. Call up a bunch and find out what's going on in the shop that day to maximize your fun! Want to see the goods? Dive in below!

STK632581 Thumbnail
  Archie Digest #1  

STK634411 Thumbnail

Bongo Free-For-All  

STK634618 Thumbnail
  DC The New52 
Futures End 
Special Edition 

STK634107 Thumbnail 
Dark Horse Avatar
Hellboy Juice Squeezers
STK634545 Thumbnail 
  Guardians of the Galaxy 
STK634109 Thumbnail 
  Hello Kitty and Friends 
STK634472 Thumbnail 
Summer Blast

STK634513 Thumbnail 
Mighty Morphin
Power Rangers
STK634500 Thumbnail
Rise of the Magi
STK634429 Thumbnail
Freestyle Funnies
STK634540 Thumbnail
GI Joe

STK634111 Thumbnail 
Disney Uncle Scrooge
and Donald Duck
STK634425 Thumbnail 
2000AD Special

STK634508 Thumbnail 
Adventures of
STK634110 Thumbnail 
All You Need is Kill

STK634431 Thumbnail 
Valiant Armor Hunters Special
STK634426 Thumbnail 
  Atomic Robo and Friends 
STK632823 Thumbnail 
  Bleeding Cool Magazine 
STK633237 Thumbnail 
Buck Rogers

STK634249 Thumbnail
CBDL Presents
Raising a Reader
STK633787 Thumbnail 
  Courtney Crumrin   
STK634409 Thumbnail
  Defend Comics 
STK634108 Thumbnail 
    Project Black Sky    

STK634420 Thumbnail
STK633794 Thumbnail
Epic #0
STK634421 Thumbnail 
Way of the Bladeslinger
STK634561 Thumbnail 
Ace of Spades

STK634427 Thumbnail 
  Giant-Size Fantasy 
STK633235 Thumbnail 
  Graphix Spotlight 
The Dumbest Idea Ever
STK634433 Thumbnail 
    Grimm Fairy Tales #0     
STK634546 Thumbnail 
Hatter M
Far From Wonder

STK634113 Thumbnail 
Hip Hop Family Tree
STK634537 Thumbnail 
     Intrinsic Volume 2      
STK634547 Thumbnail 
Ipso Facto
STK634423 Thumbnail 
        Les Miserables       
The Fall of Fantine

STK634417 Thumbnail 
Magic Wind
STK634476 Thumbnail 
Mouse Guard & More
STK633225 Thumbnail 
   Overstreet Comic Book
STK634707 Thumbnail 
   Previewsworld Spectacular  

STK634548 Thumbnail 
Rocket Raccoon
STK633793 Thumbnail 
Scam Crosswords #0
STK633238 Thumbnail 
Scratch 9
STK634422 Thumbnail 
Sherwood Texas
Boondock Saints

STK633792 Thumbnail 
Showa History of Japan
STK634517 Thumbnail 
Skyward and
Midnight Tiger
STK632582 Thumbnail 
  Sonic the Hedgehog   
and Megaman X
Flipbook #1
STK634562 Thumbnail 
Steam Wars

STK634424 Thumbnail 
Street Fighter #0
STK634619 Thumbnail 
  Teen Titans Go #1
 Special Edition 
STK634514 Thumbnail 
The Smurfs
STK634560 Thumbnail 
The Tick

STK633795 Thumbnail 
Top Shelf Kids Club
STK632824 Thumbnail 
    Uber the First Cycle    
STK634432 Thumbnail 
Valiant Universe Handbook
STK634544 Thumbnail 

STK634617 Thumbnail 
Worlds of Aspen
STK634519 Thumbnail 
   Zombie Tranp and    
EHMM Theory

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