Thursday, March 27, 2014

My Girl: The Movie....The..Video..Game?

When we watch the movie "My Girl", the ending is always inevitable.. you balled up on the floor crying buckets, wailing about your feels. You're a sensitive lot. Now, one intrepid company looks to capture that beautiful, innocent world, complete with the gut wrenching finale, and let you play through in a video game! ...I wonder what the power ups will look like...

The game begins as you take the role of Thomas J, walking through a sleepy little town with not a care in the world. The sky is blue, the landscape is painted with childlike abandon and the song "My Girl" plays somewhere in the distance by a beautiful 8 bit choir. Everything is lovely until you ACCEPT YOUR FATE!!! Then come the many bees.

photo 1-3

For those used to Zelda-esque epics and Portal-like challenges that confound the not that. It's's's horrifically morbid...and we love it. Gather your feels and venture over to MyGirlThe Make it a group know..for support. You won't be sorry....or you will, but it will still be funny.

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