Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Destroy Your Tiny Cities With Bandai's Godzilla 2014 Movie Toys

We've still got 2 months til we can watch a slightly redesigned, absolutely more monstrous than ever Godzilla wreak havoc and destruction on a planet ill equipped to handle such a gargantuan threat, but Bandai thought it was time you start making your own stories and they've provided a small but fearsome army of monsters to help you do just that. Hitting stores across the planet right now are an array of Godzilla toys with ingenious action features assuring maximum play value for kids of all sizes.  Let's take a look at the lot!

Godzilla Chibi Two Pack - Battle Damaged Godzilla and 8 Legged MUTO Monster
Godzilla Chibi Two Pack - Godzilla and Winged MUTO Monster

All toy lines should have adorable, baby-like counterparts of the primary characters! Bandai are strong believers in this, even when the subject is the king of all monsters. These are basic figures with no articulation in a super deformed style you'll recognize if you are already a fan of Asian toy lines. Big eyes, chubby bodies and tiny arms with outstretched...umm...claws..ready to hug you! What's not to love?

Details to watch for: Little features on the MUTO monsters like folds, skeletal forms peeking out and slits in the head. Also note the difference in the red of the eyes and the jaw. These monsters are most certainly brothers, or perhaps one evolves into the other?

You might think these will be the most popular toys in the series, if only for the sake of desktop shenanigans, but there is another scale that's perfect for sneaking in some mid-day, work place chaos...

Godzilla Destruction Pack with Godzilla - Includes: 1 figure, 1 destructible building, 1 military aircraft
Godzilla Destruction Pack with Winged MUTO Monster - Includes: 1 figure, 1 destructible building, 1 military aircraft

With a Godzilla standing 3 and a quarter inches tall, it's a bit easier for a toy company to create a mini destructible city for him to stomp all over....AND THAT'S JUST WHAT THEY DID! The city pieces are a super simple, hollow construction of hard plastic you simply push against each other or stack on top until you're ready for a fearsome tail whip or raking MUTO claw attack. Boss got you down? Now you can take out your frustrations on a mini city! See, it's fun AND therapeutic.

Godzilla Fighting Figure - Tail Strike Godzilla - Bring the fight home as you become Godzilla and unleash his awesome power with tail smashing excitement or Muto destroying upper body attacks. Tail Strike Godzilla features a swinging tail that is manipulated by a chest control.

As a collector for around 20+ years, I've seen many a figure wrecked as an action feature was worked into the design with disastrous effects (lest we not forget the Punisher transforming figure that fires missiles from his crotch). Tail strike Godzilla takes the "rub my belly" concept to a whole new level. A rather clever toggle/button is worked into the figure, raising the tail up with a push and swiping with a back and forth nudge. The tail itself is segmented so it swings wildly with ease. Now the REAL fun begins when you try and stand him up and realize the only balanced position is not unlike a "ready for pooping on Matthew Broderick" stance. The kids will love it.

Godzilla Deluxe Atomic Roar Figure  - With collector level detailing this large scale figure brings Godzilla to life as he blasts his powerful atomic breath and lets out his iconic trademarked roar.

Some figures make you stand up and applaud as the perfect balance of sculpt, articulation and action are stuck with amazing results. ...And some figures make you fall out of your chair the first time you see the action feature go off! Such is the charm of Atomic Roar Godzilla, who, like the unassuming Pez dispenser, has a hinged head that flops up to make way for a massive blue blast of fire, emerging  from the depths of his monster belly. It's...it's just hysterical. To complete the spectacle, the fire blast flashes with light and Godzilla let's out his new movie roar. It is a sight to behold. This is the biggest Godzilla of Bandai's lineup, and absolutely the most enjoyable, reminding me of the giant, translucent yellow Parallax monster from the Green Lantern toy line that doubled as a figure launcher if you worked it just right. Crazy, crazy, crazy action feature....but oh so fun.

Details to watch for: Gills!

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