Monday, June 2, 2014

BEA 2014: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Shredder & Splinter Concept Art Revealed

Here at Idle Hands, we like to call our style of news coverage "water cooler geek", which is to say we jump across a range of topics we think are awesome, and we know our friends will like and talk about, so how can we go wrong? Book Expo America is the perfect place for this kind of coverage, with every publisher on the planet in one place, at one time, providing the perfect hunting ground for excellent titles you'll want to add to your uber reading lists. For book fiends, I'm positive this coverage is a ton of fun. For the rest of you looking for news with a bit of meat on it, we dig. This year we dug til we hit the sewer and scored TURTLES!!! Yes..I am having a super cheesy day. Thank you for noticing. Insight Editions produces many an extra large tome that proves to be a dream come true for fans of all flavor of geek. Their June release of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History is nothing short of perfection.

Jam packed with information from every era of the mighty mighty TMNT, this book will reveal a lifetime of information the casual fan will drink in and probably a few dozen things a super fan never knew. Inside we found the obvious piles of knowledge on the classic comic book alongside killer art, segwaying into the cartoons and films (and toys for the cartoons and films) and right on into the modern re-boot. Here are the press bits..

Discover the complete story of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the first time–from their humble beginnings in black-and-white comics created in a home studio in Dover, New Hampshire, to their multimillion-dollar breakout success, and their position as four of the best-loved characters of all time.

Featuring interviews with every key figure in the Turtles’ evolution, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History presents the tale straight from the mouths of those who were there, including co-creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird, animation legend Fred Wolf, creature effects maestro Brian Henson, and even the man behind the “Ninja Rap,” Vanilla Ice.

In visually stunning detail, this book explores each iteration of the Turtles from the past to the present, including the hit animation show from Nickelodeon and the Michael Bay–produced live-action movie from Paramount starring Megan Fox. Bringing together the rarest art and artifacts from three decades of TMNT comics, TV shows, and films, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History leaves no shell unturned!

Speaking of the modern, Bay-Powered film, we got a peek at those bits so we could deliver a little advance peek. Megan Fox lists Secret of the Ooze as her favorite in the film series, with Michelangelo as her favorite turtle growing up, and describes April as having had a "very complicated childhood. She grew up with a chip on her shoulder that eventually became a great asset, providing her the courage to become a little bit of a modern-day Joan of Arc." Will Arnett is cast as Vernon Fenwick, April's journalistic partner. Arnett was asked about his favorite scene in the film and mentioned a bit involving an 18 wheeler and a cliff. We don't want to spoil the rest!

Of course, this is a VISUAL history of the TMNT and so...PEEEECTURES!! Remember when we said Shredder was very, very, very pointy? We weren't exhagerating.

Photography by Galaxia Siandre
Amazon has the release date set for June 24th. Click HERE to pre-order Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History for 31% off! The prices usually jump up to regular retail when the release date hits, so don't wait on this one!

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  1. Could Megan Fox look any more bored to be doing this?

    1. Your comment implies she's capable of any other facial expressions.