Friday, June 27, 2014

SDCC 2014: Knopf Doubleday Signings, Giveaways & More

Random House’s Knopf Doubleday group returns to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con (July 24-27, plus preview night on July 23), and we would love to see you there. We are booth #1515, along with the other Random House groups. A reminder that Knopf Doubleday is comprised of Pantheon & Schocken Books, Alfred A. Knopf, Doubleday, and Vintage Anchor Books.

This year’s appearing authors include: debut Pantheon graphic novelist Michael Cho, author of SHOPLIFTER (September 2014); Pantheon/Vintage Anchor novelist Charles Yu, author of HOW TO LIVE SAFELY IN A SCIENCE FICTIONAL UNIVERSE and SORRY PLEASE THANK YOU, whose new novel THE BOOK OF WISHING (2016) is already in the works; Doubleday novelists Chuck Palahniuk, author of BEAUTIFUL YOU (October 2014) and Daniel H. Wilson, author of ROBOGENESIS (June 2014); and Knopf author Anne Rice, author of PRINCE LESTAT (October 2014).
Michael Cho is an illustrator, cartoonist, and writer based in Toronto, and his debut SHOPLIFTER (Pantheon Books, September 2014) tells the story of a young woman’s search for meaning, happiness, and self fulfillment as she works as a millennial urban professional. She dabbles in small time shoplifting as a means of coming to terms with her conflicting emotions. Cho’s previous work includes Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes as well as the illustrations for Rabindranath Maharaj’s The Amazing Absorbing Boy. Cho is well known for his offbeat illustrations of superheroes and basketball players, and one of his stories was included in The Best American Comics 2010. He appears on the Words & Pictures/Graphic Novel panel on Friday at 3 pm (Room 9), and then in conversation with Pantheon’s own Chip Kidd on Friday at 5 pm (Room 28DE) to talk about Pantheon’s entire graphic novel list. He will also sign teasers to SHOPLIFTER at the Random House booth (#1515) during the convention.

Chuck Palahniuk is the New York Times bestselling author of Fight Club, Choke, Survivor, and 11 other novels which have sold more than 5 million copies in the United States. His new novel, BEAUTIFUL YOU, will be published in October 2014. Palahniuk appears on the Fight Club panel on Saturday at 7 pm (Room: 25ABC), and he will sign books at the Random House booth (#1515) during the convention.

Anne Rice returns SDCC this year to meet fans and promote her new book PRINCE LESTAT: Vampire Chronicles, which will be published by Knopf in October 2014. Her signing will take place on Saturday, 3-5 pm (location TBD). And watch for a fun giveaway at the Random House booth (#1515) while supplies last.

Daniel H. Wilson appears at SDCC to talk about ROBOGENESIS (Doubleday, October), the stunningly creative, epic sequel to his blockbuster thriller and New York Times bestseller Robopocalypse and editor of Robot Uprisings: An Anthology (April 2014). Wilson is the author of Amped, Robopocalypse, How to Survive a Robot Uprising, Where's My Jetpack?, How to Build a Robot Army, The Mad Scientist Hall of Fame, and Bro-Jitsu: The Martial Art of Sibling Smackdown. He will speak on the SF/Robots author panel on Saturday at 12 pm (Room 7 AB), and he will sign books at the Random House booth (#1515) during the convention.

Charles Yu was a break-out star at SDCC 2010, just months before his debut novel HOW TO LIVE SAFELY IN A SCIENCE FICTIONAL UNIVERSE was published, followed by his short story collection SORRY PLEASE THANK YOU in 2012. Yu returns to SDCC to appear on two panels: WONDERBOOK: Writers on Creativity and Inspiration on Thursday at 10 am (Room 28DE) and FUTURE LANDSCAPES on Saturday at 1 pm (Room 28DE). He will also stop by the Random House booth (#1515), and may even tell fans a bit about his new novel THE BOOK OF WISHING, forthcoming soon from Pantheon Books.

As always, we will offer many giveaways at the booth: buttons, bookmarks, doggie poop bags (yes, you read that right), and other swag; plus previews of Pantheon’s forthcoming graphic novels: SHOPLIFTER by Michael Cho (September 2014), SUGAR SKULL by Charles Burns (September 2014), HERE by Richard McGuire (October 2014), THE ADVENTURES OF LOVELACE AND BABBAGE by Sydney Padua (April 2015); in addition to F (August 2014), a quirky new novel by Daniel Kehlmann about three brothers, a hypnotist, and a Rubik’s Cube . . . . Stop by the booth to hear more.

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