Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Character Art from Guardians of the Galaxy, The Sakaaran Mystery & A Possible Cartoon


With toys already hitting store pegs and multiple trailers dropping across the planet, it seems baffling that people still claim they haven't seen the WHOLE look for each of the Guardians of the Galaxy characters! Welp, Marvel is ready to fix that. From points unknown comes new character art giving you a nice head-to-toe image of your assholes of the universe! These could prove particularly useful to cosplayers...

From the look of the images, this is likely from the Marvel style guide for the movie, which leads me to believe it might have come from the Licensing Expo. Sadly, no Nebula, Thanos, Nova Officer or  Sakaaran.

Now, initially we were introduced to a Sakaaran Trooper in the Hasbro Guardians action figure line, but the LEGO sets on shelves at the moment lists THE Sakaara, suggesting there might be a central character? You be the judge. The character designs from figure to LEGO are slightly different, but not by much. He does reek of Chitauri though, doesn't he...

Sakaaran LEGO pic from FBTB

Also in Guardians News, even though we couldn't make it to the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas this past week, BleedingCool did and scored a bit of a scoop in the official/unofficial announcement of a Guardians of the Galaxy cartoon in development! The cartoony art was part of a 3 part Marvel Animation display at the show. We'll note that there have been a small handful of Marvel animated projects in development in the past that took their sweet time to materialize, even when new films were present to bolster popularity. For now, enjoy the image and hope for the best.

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