Friday, November 21, 2014

Funko's Alien Invasion: X-Files and Lilo & Stitch Arrive

Is it true? Did we really go 2 weeks without talking about FUNKO and their army of really, ridiculously adorable plastics? Insane. The stresses of the holidays must be getting to me..or maybe..THEY JUST MAKE TOO MANY TOYS TO KEEP UP WITH!! Maybe a lil of both. This week, Funko drops word of their tiny, adorable alien invasion including one property clearly meant to melt your heart and another with legions of fans who haven't been serviced in a crazy long time.

X-Files! McFarlane made some action figures, but constant battles with Chris Carter made sure we wouldn't get the depth of characters the show deserved. Palisades tried to fill in the gaps there, but you had to be a fan of their LEGO/ Minimate-esque Palz to buy in. Now Funko have a go years after the show's finale, adding the core cast to their legion of Pop! Vinyl Figures. On tap are Fox Mulder, Dana Scully, The Cigarette Smoking Man and one of those iconic, creepy grey aliens. Funko will also release two "realistic" bobble-heads depicting Mulder and Scully, naturally. The Pops are due this April and the Wacky Wobblers should see shelf life this February.


Ohana means family and Family means no one get's left behind. That being said, it's a bit mental Funko took so long to get to Lilo and Stitch for their Disney Pop! Vinyl line! Way to leave a cult favorite in the dust! Funko makes up for lost time with releases of the Benny photographing Lilo, Stitch in his space suit brandishing multiple guns, Stitch playing the perfect pet and Lilo's doll Scrump, which is sure to be the super seller of the bunch for adult females across the planet. The trio drop THIS MONTH, so be on the lookout!


Hit the links above to pre-order the ones you can't live without!

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