Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hasbro's First 3.75 inch Marvel Infinite Series Action Figures for 2015

San Diego Comic-Con always comes packed with surprises and long awaited reveals from Hasbro, particularly for their Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios action figure lines. This year, fans were thrilled to hear that even thought the emphasis seemed to be squarely on the 6 inch scaled Marvel Legends for the foreseeable future, the a 3.75 inch line would march on to retail. At their presentation and in their display cases, Marvel revealed new figures including The Beast as he appeared when he first turned blue and fuzzy..and even grey and fuzzy, Sandman in both sand and flesh/ full color forms, Black Cat, Big Time Spider-Man and Bishop. Now pre-order listings round out the series...

The first Marvel 3.75 inch action figure wave of 2015, hitting around January/February, will include:

Grey Beast
Blue Beast
Classic Sandman
Black Cat
Big Time Spider-Man


No word yet on which version of Daredevil and Hawkeye we are getting in this wave. Pack outs reveal 2 Blue Beast, 2 Big Time Spider-Man and 2 Classic Sandman, for those who want to judge how challenging their hunt will be.

Check out our image gallery from San Diego Comic-Con 2015 for more pics of Hasbro's Marvel 3.75 inch action figures! Photography by Emilie Noetzel - http://www.facebook.com/EmilieNoetzelPhotography

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