Thursday, March 5, 2015

At-At Snow Day

Folks on the West Coast, though they've been getting a little taste of actual seasons this year, still won't know the insanity of all this snow falling from the skies on an almost weekly basis. Our friends in Massachusetts got hit hard, so we are grateful out snowfalls in Central New Jersey were only temporary inconveniences. another story, as the snow has been falling from the sky since sun up and shows no signs of stopping. Friends across the globe asked to see the snow, so I let the boys out to play for a little bit, as it might be their last opportunity to roll around in the white stuff (as we are promised 50 degree weather next week! Global Warming. WE SHOULD HAVE LISTENED!!) As anyone with a puppy will attest, a moment like this means you break out the camera...and so I did. Enjoy!

 #nomosno #hothnj

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