Friday, March 13, 2015

Robert Downey Jr Giving Out FREE ROBOT ARMS!!

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!! In a world where we often have cause to use phrases like "those rotten bastards" (often) and the Invader Zim screaming standard "LIES!! ALL LIES!!!"'s nice to be able to form a sentence that begins and ends with a simple, happy, pleasing sentiment. Here it comes. Robert Downey Jr is a swell guy. When super hero Albert Manero; a #CollectiveProject student who founded the fantastic, instant tear-inducing group called "Limbitless..whose sole purpose is to quite literally GIVE LIMBS to kids who have none; put out the call for support of his group, i'll bet he never dreamed the man waiting in the wings to give a helping had was actually a comic book character. Enter....Tony Stark; volatile fictional millionaire super hero played by real-life-millionaire super hero Robert Downey Jr, who took time out of his busy schedule of pressing the press flesh for Avengers 2: Age of Ultron to slip in to his Tony persona and present a little boy with a bionic arm. Cue picture of the guy from Scanners with his head exploding and gather your tissues. This is EXACTLY what we needed this morning.

This may be my go-to "the world ain't so bad" video for the foreseeable future. What to learn more about Albert and The Collective Project? Got more tissues handy? Let's roll...

Sooo...these kids all got together and said "let's make robot arms for kids with no arms"..and then they did. What did you do this week? The message is clear. Effect change..a little at a time.

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