Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Super Troopers 2 Funding on Indiegogo

As the website says...the time...is Meow. Is there a week that goes by where one of our friends doesn't replace now with meow? No. There is not. Is there any doubt in my mind that the Broken Lizard crew will fully fund Super Troopers 2 and have enough to make an epic potato salad for all the world to share? No. There is not.

I'll let the crew brief you on this one...

Several moons ago, we made a little indie movie called Super Troopers, which we debuted at Sundance in 2001. We’re proud of how it turned out and apparently it struck a chord with many of you out there because almost daily we get asked “Who wants a mustache ride?” ("Who doesn’t?") or “Did you chug real maple syrup?” ("Yes, and we will never, ever, ever do it again.") or “How is the view from sugar heaven?” ("Sweet.") But more than anything else, we get asked: "When are you going to get off your asses and make Super Troopers 2?" Well, guess what chickenfuckers? We finally have an answer. 

With your help. we can make Super Troopers 2 this Summer.

We’ve been waiting for years to do this, and meow the time has come. Our mustaches are thick, furry, and authoritative. The script is written and we’re getting all antsy in our pantsy to start shooting. There’s just one problem:

While the studio has given us permission to make the sequel, and agreed to distribute it (at least in the USA and Canada), we need to fund the movie ourselves.

So this is how it works: if we’re able to raise at least $2,000,000 in the next month, we’ll be able to get to work on a barebones version of Super Troopers 2 this summer. But $2,000,000 is the bare minimum we’ll need to get into production.

We’ve got some big stuff in the script, and if we’re able to raise enough money, you’ll get to see all of it. The more we raise, the more amazing stuff we can put in the movie. More action, more cameos, more shenanigans, and fine, more Farva.

And here’s the other thing: to get Super Troopers 2 a wide release – to get it into a theater near YOU – we need to prove that there’s a real demand to see it, and not just a dozen stoners who keep asking for it over and over.

That means: the more people who contribute to help make the movie, the better our chances of getting a wide release, and coming to a theater where you can enjoy our new shenanigans in their full, cinematic splendor.

The campaign goes on to outline some of the uses for all your hard earned cash, including:

  • The ability to hire someone who knows how to operate a camera.
  • Bathrooms for the women on set (men will still have to use the woods).
  • Bigger stunts.
  • Fancier cars to chase.
  • Louder explosions.
  • Cameos from real Hollywood actors.
  • More bearfucking (or as Erik’s mom likes to call it ‘making out with the bear’): this time, with real bears and real reciprocation!
  • More powdered sugar.
  • More full-frontal Farva.
  • Diamonds on the soles of our shoes.
  • More sexy 70’s icons playing women in positions of authority. (Don’t you want to see Lee Majors in a wig?)
  • Kate Upton.
Perks for pitching in include actually getting to see the movie and not having to pay for it again later (unlike the kickstarter of some scrubs out there), a "shirt and a stache" pack, the "Seduction Package" (with SUPER TROOPERS and SUPER TROOPERS 2 on DVD (or Blu for $10 more). We like to call this the ST DVD bundle (not to be confused with the STD/VD bundle – see Officer Womack for that). Get your movie marathon on. Impress a date. Make a baby. Or just get next year’s holiday shopping done now. These movies are good for what ails ya'.), a ticket to Broken Lizards first official BEERFEST Tournament in Chicago (yea you read that right), a personalized video for $600, the ability to battle the BL crew at Beerfest (epic) and on into the stratosphere with everything short of a sexual encounter, though i'm not entirely sure that's off the table if you kick in a cool million. They'll even be the best men at your wedding for a meager 25k. Insanity.

Waste no time and chuck your dollars at the Broken Lizard crew and let's get things moving!!

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