Saturday, March 21, 2015

JAKKS Pacific World of Nintendo Legend of Zelda Toys In Action

In this world of retro revival, no stone is left unturned in the hunt for the geek's almighty dollars. Anything from our childhood is fair game, making these days heaven for toy collectors in particular who are enjoying action figures based on properties that have been poorly served over the years. Legend of Zelda is one such property, with scores of fans that surface the second someone yells GANONDORF!! JAKKS Pacific understood the power of Zelda from day one and made sure your pal Link was in their first wave of World of Nintendo action figures. You answered by clearing the pegs of him for MONTHS. Even today, well after the series launch, you'd be hard pressed to score one in the wild (or on the pegs in normal people speak) least around these parts. JAKKS continued to show their love by showing off prototypes for a giant Link figure and an 8bit Link plush alongside a Deluxe Boxed Ganondorf at Toy Fair this year. (click here to drool over those!) Today we'll take a look at the Link action figure, who you may be hunting the second you're done reading, and the Deluxe Ganondorf, which is due in stores...soooon....

As said, the Legend of Zelda Link action figure is available in stores now, but the secondary market and sheer desirability alone are keeping pegs clear the minute they get filled. Spend a few minutes with this lil guy and you'll quickly see why. The figure has a great look and feel in your hands, with plenty of posability to satisfy your cravings to bust out action shots for Instagram. How many action figures can double grip a sword? NOT MANY! Link pulls this off with ease. Sadly for Zelda, most of that action is only above the waist (wokka). Link's tunic holds back most favorable hip action (wokka again), so jumping, Conan-esque wide leg stances and one knee kneeling isn't really an option. An expressive amount of head movement and double-hinged elbows alongside a sword scabbard that plugs into his back (so you can easily position it out of the way of his droopy hat) and a bonus accessory held in a secret treasure box, Link is well worth the 10 dollar or so retail price....if you can find him for that.

Every hero needs a great villain and Ganondorf, King of the Gerudo has it all. Check out that evil smirk! The World of Nintendo Deluxe Ganondorf is sure to make fans literally Squee out loud. For me, personally, I love a baddie that towers over the hero menacingly. With the height differential (6 inches..thought it will feel like more.. to 4 inches) between this Deluxe, barrel chested Ganondorf and the Link action figure, you get just that. Of course, with great size at a favorable price point, you sacrifice a little posability. OK a lot of posability. You can work Ganondorf's arms and head around and that's about the lot. Websites say he's got 10 points of articulation but i'm not sure where those extra points come into play. The box lists 7 anyway. A light, hollow body construction means less plastic, and so a sweet $20 retail price point for what is sure to be the star of your work desk.

 Check out the images and you'll see what these two video game titans can do when they face off!

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