Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: Jazwares on Danger Mouse

Retro appeal means big bucks these days. When I go out into the world to sell toys, I notice people love anything that will give them flashbacks...and this is something every toy company knows well! Jazwares hopes to cash in on a newly returned cartoon hero, debuting this year at Toy Fair.

With over 3.6 million viewers in its first six weeks on CBBC, the all-new TV series of Danger Mouse has been a ratings triumph amongst boys aged 4-9. Ready to replicate this on-screen success, Jazwares is set to feed the fan demand for Danger Mouse toys with a range as exciting and action-packed as the series itself!

Designed to propel the humour and fun off the screen and into front rooms across the land, kids of all ages are invited to immerse themselves in the international secret agent’s world when the first line-up of toys arrives in March. There is a fully articulated 10” Danger Mouse figure (RRP £19.99) that comes complete with a removable jet pack and 5 authentic show sayings. As well as a range of collectible 3” figures (RRP £7.99) including Danger Mouse, Penfold, Baron Greenback, Colonel K and Stiletto, each one armed with its own accessory and perfect for re-enacting favourite storylines and episodes!

Allowing Danger Mouse to travel ‘wherever there is danger’ is his Mark IV Danger Car (RRP £14.99) – featuring pop-out wings, functioning boot and exclusive 3” figure. An outstanding selection of plush toys, including Baron Greenback, Penfold and Danger Mouse himself, will be available with or without individual character phrases (RRP £7.99).

Later in Spring, kids can pick up role-play items such as DM’s gadget of choice when faced with monstrous monstrosities – The Shrinkatiser (RRP £14.99), while the Danger Mouse Headquarters playset will be available in mid 2016 completing an impressive line-up for fans of the show. Further collectible characters, plush and vehicles will be added to the range throughout 2016, meaning Danger Mouse fans can truly bring the show to life in their own homes!


  1. So....not in America?

    1. I'm going to assume that's up to the American retailers. I'm told the show is on Netflix here, so maybe not as popular. We'll know in a couple of weeks for sure!