Thursday, January 28, 2016

Justice League Vs Teen Titans Movie Preview

Beast Boy. Raven. Robin. Blue Beatle. Starfire. These are familiar names from the ranks of the Teen Titans of DC Comics, but their appearance in Justice League Vs Teen Titans is going to be a bit different from what we remember. Our crew of misfit super heroes feel lost in the world, especially in their own families, but form bonds with each other despite age differences and background. 

In place of a Dick Grayson or Tim Drake, DC Animation's love of Damian Wayne continues as his version of Robin joins the Titans for the first time anywhere. This allows for Nightwing to be a part of this story as well, which I'm all for. NIGHTWING RULES. I guess that explains why Starfire seems a bit older than the rest of the kids, opening the door to a potential Nightwing/Starfire romance. ~sparks flying already~ It also allows for Damien to be ever the hot head of the group, causing much drama.  ...all the drama. SO MUCH DRAMA!! and..the broooooding...

In truth, Batman is having a hard time dealing with Damian and it's hoped being with heroes his own age will help him to settle in and really be part of a Good luck with that. I'll also point out that since Cyborg is already a member of Justice League in this animated universe, so we'll probably have to wait for the film's happy finale to see the inevitable pizza party.

It seems Raven is a central part of this particular story. Much like the exploration of her past in the older Teen Titans cartoon series (before they made farty noises and smeared pizza all over everything), Raven keeps her past guarded for fear of rejection, but that past is about to catch up with her. Raven's father Trigon, a powerful demon who is pretty much the devil, comes calling. Raven, feeling like an outsider with a dark past she feels she may not ever escape, mirrors that of Damian, whose own past is drenched in blood and lil boy angst, so the story will naturally see the pair find common ground. Plus...his name is Damian and that practically makes him a goth. Goths Unite. Now Trigon is looking to use his daughter for some nefarious plot, and since Raven is the key, The Justice League steps in to neutralize the threat before it materializes. This....probably will trigger some hostility in Damian. Just guessing here. With their urgency to please icons like Superman and Wonder Woman over-ridden by their need to protect one of their own, a conflict is inevitable.

In the teaser packed on the the Blu-ray of Batman: Bad Blood, we also catch a glimpse of Lex Luthor in full mech suit taking on Superman, and Cyborg fighting a dude with a T on his chest I'm not familiar with, so expect this title to be another action packed battlefest...tempered with some mushy lovey moments.

Awww...maybe one day they can hate the world together. 

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