Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Toy Fair 2016: NECA's Alien Armada Grows

NECA runs a tight ship. Getting a piece of exclusive news these days...or any piece of news to run before NECA has announced it doesn't happen. It should come as no surprise that UK Toy Fair was void of most NECA releases, but we did get a trio of soon to be released Aliens in package, and that's as good as it gets! We've got two Aliens vs Predator Aliens (Grid Alien and Warrior Alien) and one 79' Concept Alien.

Series 7 includes the long-awaited release of brand new figures from Alien vs Predator, which are the perfect companion pieces to our currently available AvP-based Predator figures.

The Warrior Alien and Grid Alien feature over 30 points of articulation and bendable tails, and stand over 9" tall. 

Also in this series is our very first concept figure based on the original prototype suit for the "Big Chap" Alien in the 1979 movie. H.R. Giger originally had the suit cast in a translucent flesh-tone but, in one of the many technical hurdles that had to be overcome to bring his creature to life on screen, repeated difficulties with the material forced the change to the coloring seen in the movie.

The figure features 25 points of articulation and bendable tail, and stands over 9" tall.

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