Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Jay and Silent Bob Go Toy Shopping While Stoned

Probably the best thing you'll watch all week. I know..there were a lot of trailers..but seriously. Silent Bob (Kevin Smith) and Jason Mewes take a trip to a local Walmart in Michigan, very possibly for snacks..because..stoned.. and get 100% sidetracked by the toy aisles because TOYS ARE AWESOME!! We at Idle Hands celebrate the glory and wonder of toys nearly every day, but seldom can we capture the excitement we get from seeing new items on the shelves quite like Jay and Silent Bob do here. Jump in below and laugh your ass off!

The take away here? Nothing beats the excitement of a grown ass person geeking out in a toy aisle. Mattel.. Jakks.. Lego.. Send these guys some care packages!!

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