Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jughead: The Hunger

For those of you that though a zombie outbreak in the Archiverse was just about the greatest thing ever, prepare yourself for another tale of gruesome death and blood soaked horror and a monster stalks the sleepy town of Riverdale! This one shot comic asks the do you stop a creature who's appetites know no limits?

Jughead Jones has always had an insatiable appetite… but what if his hunger came from a sinister place?

When a murderous menace is on the prowl, taking the lives of some of the most well-known and esteemed inhabitants of Riverdale, Jughead and his family’s dark legacy comes to light.

On March 29th, join writer Frank Tieri (Wolverine) and artist Michael Walsh (Secret Avengers) for this horrifying oversized Archie Horror one-shot for TEEN+ readers!

Pre-order your copy today from your local comic book shop or online via the Archie Comics Shop.

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