Friday, March 17, 2017

New York Comic Con Eliminating Multi-Day Passes

As the east end of the nation begins to thaw out from the last gasp of a very schizophrenic Winter, thoughts turn to the massive conventions lining up for every geek's dollar. New York Comic Con sent out an announcement today expressing that, while that are not ready to fire that starter pistol on ticket sales just yet, they are laying out some new guidelines that may impact a visitor's participation, especially if you were planning on flying in for the whole event.

The blinky email starts with the basics:

- Fan Verification will once again be in play. Anyone who did not register last year will need to get on that. If you registered last year, you are still in the system. The NYCC website explains the Fan Verification process thusly-

Fan Verification is a mandatory process for any fan interested in attending New York Comic Con. It’s a profile you’ll fill out to help us identify if you’re a fan buying tickets for yourself and your crew or if you’re a scalper buying tickets in bulk to resell at outrageous prices. We’re working on eliminating the latter and this process helps with that. Any known scalpers and resellers as well as anyone who shows signs of supervillain activity (creating false emails, creating multiple profiles, etc.) will not be verified and will be unable to purchase NYCC tickets. aren't going to ask you to name all the Weasley brothers from Harry Potter along with your arguments for whether the ending of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice worked. ..though that would be all you'd need, wouldn't it. NYCC urges registered mutants to watch their email for confirmation that their verification info is correct, which should assure you will get an email about pre-sale tickets. If you had a Fan Verification profile in 2016, but don't receive that email by Tuesday, March 21, please email with the email address you used last year

- Ready for the gut punch? NYCC will ONLY be selling single day tickets. They explain the Javits Center will be under construction (when is it not?), limiting space, and so they'd like to give as many people a chance to come have fun as possible. While this does make sense for getting tickets into the hands of fans, each for at least a day, providing vendors with a glorious new army of consumers at show open every single day, it may be a deciding factor for those who would travel and get a hotel. Conundrums.

- NYCC closes with the statement that tickets will go on sale during the weekend so you aren't at your cubicle screaming I GOT KICKED OUT OF THE VIRTUAL QUEUE!!! or some such...probably a lot of cross screaming HIT REFRESH!!!

Nothing about when tickets will go on sale, so prepare yourselves for that announcement very soon, and may the odds be ever in your favor. New York Comic Con is October 5-8th. PREPARE YOURSELVES!!

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