Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Toy Fair 2019: More McFarlane Fortnite Action Figures & Harvesting Tools

UK Toy Fair 2019 McFarlane Fortnite Deluxe Action Figures Raven

Our last run in with McFarlane's Fortnite line revealed the company has complete faith in the staying power of this massive free-to-play battle royale style game. It's not often we see vehicles and accessory packs for any 6 to 7 inch action figure line (beyond NECA, who love to spoil us), but McFarlane has gone all in, showing off a glider attached to a jump pad, a Quadcrasher vehicle and the first weapons "loot pack". Now we've got more news that adds a little more of EVERYTHING!!

Mat Hawkins scoops up some additional news with word on new troops Dark Bomber and Jonsey (who is under wraps for now), a deluxe 11 inch action figure of Raven and two new premium roleplay Harvesting Tools; Axecalibur and Forebearer.

UK Toy Fair 2019 McFarlane Fortnite Action Figures Dark Bomber & Jonsey

UK Toy Fair 2019 McFarlane Fortnite Premium Roleplay Harvesting Tools Axecalibur and Forebearer

We've also got word to expect more gliders, loot packs and a Storm Wing vehicle!

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