Thursday, September 23, 2021

Holiday of Play 2021: Loyal Subjects Tease Beetlejuice, Starship Troopers & More

Holiday of Play Loyal Subjects Beetlejuice Action Figure 01

Today, our buddies at Toy Insider gave us access to most of our favorite toy companies for their annual Holiday of Play event. We did have the opportunity to visit in person, but alas, my car was not cooperating, so VIRTUAL it is, once again. While browsing through the powerful pile of industry greats, we found The Loyal Subjects and were greeted by their head honcho Jonathan Cathey who was excited to share some toy news with us media starved press folks.

::We apologize for the super low-resolution pics. We were screen capping from a zoom call, so you take what you can get!::

The Loyal Subjects BST AXN "best action" figure line has been turning more than a few heads as they hit the pegs at your local Walmart stores. Toy fans, horror fans, and general lovers of freaky fun have been most excited by the coming of their animated series Beetlejuice action figure, which we are told is hitting stores right now. The ghost with the most will soon be followed by Lydia in her trademark red spider web dress and her "human world" black outfit.

Holiday of Play Loyal Subjects Beetlejuice Action Figure 01

In the world of music icons, Jonathan announced we'll be able to complete our KISS lineup, showing off Ace Frehley and teasing pics of Paul Stanley.

Holiday of Play Loyal Subjects KISS Ace Action Figure 01

Holiday of Play Loyal Subjects Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figure 01

Avatar: The Last Airbender will be getting showered with love in the form of an extensive action figure series including Aang in standard, younger, and "avatar state" looks, Katara, Zuko, Toph, Sokka, and even JET! When we asked if they might create deluxe action figures so we can have adult characters in the right scale with the children, Jonathan remarked they were kicking the deluxe figure format around, so expect news on that in the near future.

Joining the ranks of the great Loyal Subjects armies; prepare your butts for STARSHIP TROOPERS!!! This crazy deep line is currently boasting Ace Levy, Carl Jenkins, Carmen Ibanez, Jonnie Rico, Dizzy Flores, and Jean Rasczak armed to the teeth and ready to battle the Brain Bug, Hopper Bug, Plasma Bug, Tanker Bug, Lava Bug, and Warrior Bug. Aiding in their battle, we'll see a vehicle line including the F-76 Jet, Combat ATV, and Combat Sand Cycle. INSANE. Prepare your wallets for army building...

The Loyal Subjects now-classic Action Vinyls line won't be left behind as Walmart gets Beetlejuice exclusive 2 packs including Beetlejuice and Lydia, The Maitlands in their spooky monster looks and The Maitlands in their decayed, exorcised wedding looks. MUST BUY!!

We've also been told that LS's mega-popular Garbage Pail Kids figure lines will soon add a Stranger Things mash-up to coincide with the new season of the Netflix spook-fest. 

Holiday of Play Loyal Subjects Garbage Pail Kids Joe Blow

Holiday of Play Loyal Subjects Garbage Pail Kids Pull Back Racers

Holiday of Play Loyal Subjects Garbage Pail Kids Weird Wendy

All the toy images you can handle!

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