Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Cyanide & Happiness’ Third Card Game, Master Dater, Starts Swooning Dec. 8

Cyanide & Happiness Card Game Master Dater 01
Master Dater, the latest comedic card game from Explosm, the minds behind the Cyanide & Happiness webcomic enjoyed by more than 25 million daily users, is single and ready to mingle with a physical retail release hitting (on) US store shelves Thursday, Dec. 8, 2022.

Step into the shoes of a sparkly-eyed Sexy Single and draw one of 69 (nice) Interest Cards across Love, Flame, and Spark categories to determine oddly specific requirements for a romantic partner. Transform into an eye-catching, enigmatic suitor by combining parts from 90 different Head and 90 distinct Body Cards. Give convincing verbal arguments to sway the Sexy Single to award each Interest Card per category to potential future beaus, baes, and non-binary babes. 

Tailor each card combo to wacky and weird interests like starting a cult, loving internet arguments, and digging holes. Become an abominable sweetheart to the multifaceted Single by creating famous foot model BigFoot, a supermodel farmer, or a chicken in a taco suit juggling chainsaws. Remember – all’s fair in love and war, so be as shameless, petty, or charming as needed to collect five Interest Cards and be crowned the Master Dater. 

Master Dater is only as sexy as a group is comfortable with, making it as family-friendly or NSFW as desired, no “obscene” cards are required to play. Ages 13+ are encouraged to take part in this social three to six player card game. For those that enjoy the spice of life, the Uncut Expansion is also available, full of the most NSFW cards the team could think of as a separate purchase for $14.99 USD.

Cyanide & Happiness Card Game Master Dater 01

"Master Dater is 100% guaranteed to rekindle everyone’s love for tabletop games… we think so at least,” said Rob DenBleyker, Co-Founder, Explosm. “In today’s society, finding love seems impossible and impersonal since ‘swiping’ is the new normal for meeting people. We wanted to put a comedic, light-hearted spin on the whole mess and try to give some people a chance to laugh and smile in the face of a dystopian future. So pre-order Master Dater today!”

Master Dater will be available at Explosm’s website and Amazon for orders within North America for $29.99 USD. Future regions as well as physical Barnes & Noble customers will get a chance at love soon in 2023.

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