Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get The Droid You Are Looking For This Holiday

~wokka~ Yes, I had to go there. An overwhelmingly geeky....force..if you will...made me do it. Don't judge me. We've been seeing some pretty badass Star Wars prints on the Mondo Blog but unfortunately, they are so pathetically limited, chances are the moment you hear about them from a second hand source, they are already sold out. Now, in the spirit of the Holidays, Mondo is giving you a giant HEADS UP that this Friday, their newest print "A Linch Pin Droid" will be up for grabs.

A Linch Pin Droid - Poster by Kevin Tong. 24"x 36" screen print w/ glow in the dark inks. 5 Colors, the border is metallic silver, the bright green and blue are glow in the dark inks. Hand numbered. Edition of 400. Printed by D&L Screen Printing on 100 lb White Cover Paper. Limit 1 per person/ household/ address/ etc. $50.00 - Available 11/26/2010 at a random time.

My print is called "A Linch Pin Droid" and it's an exploded view of R2D2, my favorite character in the Star Wars Trilogy. For this print, I made certain that I stayed true to the original Trilogy and spent months watching and pausing it. Although this print is largely technical, I was hoping that by showing R2D2's individual tools and components all spread out, people can reflect on the moments in the Trilogy where he used those devices to save the day and the galaxy. - artist, Kevin Tong

Mondo says they will also have some other things dropping online as well as a huge in-store sale, so be prepared! This could be one stop shopping for all the dorky loves on your list this year!

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