Thursday, November 11, 2010

Scientific Research into Why Straight Guys are Watching Glee

Our panel of super scientists here in the volcano skull cave headquarters of Idle Hands deliberated for days, never once actually watching an episode of Glee. All seemed hopeless when Robby, our perpetually stoned intern brought in a copy of the newest GQ, with spicy images we thought we'd share with you, as we were in shock none of you out there seem to be talking about them. HOT!! A few minutes perusing the interwebs revealed that this photo spread (double meaning..bowm chica) was appalling to the wholesome viewers of Glee who sit before the idiot box once a week with their children to watch fo-teens girate to songs like "Gold Digger", dry hump whilst making out and deal with being preggers in high school. I think they missed part of the point of the show..and the number one reason I watched the show, in the beginning, in the first place. Rachel Berry is fucking hot. OH and everyone in the shoot is over 20..sooo..duh. For those Gleeks (which I have to point out sounds ridiculous and not unlike something that happens during the conclusion of porn) out there who may have missed the steamy photo shoot, here's a sample!

Head on over to GQ for the rest..and read the comments under the pics. Uptight people are heeeesterical.

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