Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ghostbusters : Kind of Dicks

I love the movie Ghostbusters and didn't realize how much until we attempted to watch it this Halloween. I knew every damn word. That can get pretty obnoxious, so I fought the urge to say them along with the film. Being a part of one of the first websites (Dread Central, natch) to report on the possibility of Ghostbusters 3, you might imagine I've been keeping an eye on things and waiting with hope that what comes of it is actually GOOD and funny, at the very least. Today, Funny or Die gets in on the hype, creating a world where the boys in grey run through the streets, unchecked, busting lost childhood pets, your beloved gran gran and even the soul mate who didn't make it out in that horrible JiffyPop fire of 96. NO GHOST IS SAFE. Why? Cuz bustin' makes em' feeeeeel gooood...

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