Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Glee: The Mystery of the Missing Foot

After writing that headline, I instantly thought how awesome it would be if the Glee gang had a Scooby mystery night. JINKIES! But seriously, I was checking to see how many hundreds of people left comments under my expertly written stories and noticed something odd. Sometimes, people photoshop pictures before they go into magazines or are generally used anywhere in the public eye. I know..shocking, right? After I found this out I slept for 3 weeks straight. Check out the pic to your left and dig on the mystery of the disappearing right foot. TRUE STORY!!!

Theory 1: Her foot is actually on the inside of the other girl's leg, making that picture waaaaaay dirtier than it has a right to be. ...but we thank you anyway.
Theory 3: The Loch Ness Monster

That's all I've got. Please post your theories below and the best one will get a random prize of things I found in a box whilst cleaning.


  1. My theory: The Bermuda Triangle.*

    *Assuming, of course, that the blonde's name is "Bermuda."

  2. Dear Penthouse,

    Today I met the man of my dre- oh crap, wrong blog! >__<

    I was staring at the pic when my friend walked in and asked why I was 2 inches away from the screen. I leaned back to show him and he grunted in understanding (meaning he probably thought I was licking the screen or something, dammit).

    Anyway, my guess is that she spilled coffee on the sock or something so they had blot it out, as opposed to just giving her a new sock. I live next to Gower Studios, I know TV and movie people are crazy.

    And if nothing was wrong with her footwear, then how fucked-up must her feet be that they decided NO! We can't show her deformed foot or we'll lose all our viewers!