Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UPDATE: NECA's Mind Blowing Quarter Scale Classic Predator Figure

Prepare to be AMAZED.

"Standing over 19" tall, but it's the volume & mass overall that's most impressive." boasts the NECA crew. They go on to say "His arms are fully poseable & we're using soft goods on robe sleeves & skirt part to allow for articulation. Retail around $80. Available April 2011. 3 different versions will be available, so choose your favorite head or buy 'em all. This was truly a labor of love and one of the largest most intricate figures we have ever made. We know YOU wanted him & we found a way to make it. The original, the classic, the best. It will be packaged fully assembled so it will be a HUGE box and an impressive sight to behold. We had this in development for some time and wanted to wait until we knew it was really happening and would be all we wanted it to be (before making the announcement.) The separate body net was a major goal we wanted to make happen...the detail, the deco, the size. This is the definitive 1987 Predator!"

Hope you were wearing a helmet cuz your mind has just been BLOWN!! Congratulations to team NECA for a seriously amazing toy in a market that seems content to cut back on details with 90's era looking figures as a result. NECA paves the way. Raise that bar and KICK SOME ASS!!

UPDATE: These are limited to 5k pieces WORLDWIDE, so get your pre-order in ASAP or be crying later as you stare at the empty hole in your life where a giant Predator should be.


  1. Do you know if and when they might be ready for preorder?????

  2. Right now. Pick an online shop and move fast!