Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Revoltech Rampage

The Revoltech figure line was a Japanese answer to the question "How can we make action figures MORE FUN and take it all to the next level?" The result was a revolving ball joint that clicks into place, helping your figure hold a pose and when mounted on a clear flight stand, you've got KUNG FU MADNESS!! So far the mad scientists at Kaiyodo have brought classic battling robots, DC Comics superheroes, predators, aliens, anime all stars, video game bad asses and even Transformers into the line. Now...they have made something I can't possibly pass up..and will probably be buying a solid dozen of since I've got a serious army builder problem. When you tell me I can army build Ray Harryhausen Skeleton Warriors from Jason and the Argonauts in a super posable action figure format...I fall over, then check my bank account. Check out the amazing...

From the cult classic to the classic creepy! Revoltech is all about details and apparently, there were far too many facial expression options for the new Woody action figure from Disney's Toy Story. Since a very large percentage of my readers are die hard perverts, I thought you'd enjoy these pics fans of the newest action figure whipped up to celebrate his awesomeness. Quake in fear. All credit to I Heart Chaos for the find. Hit them up for even more freaky action.

Now since Revoltech action figures are from across the water, your best bet for scoring your fix is Ebay or asking your friendly neighborhood comic shop owner to get some in for you.

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  1. This is the funniest action figure shots I have ever seen! so perfect and demented..lmao...I love the revoltech figures and didnt think of creating scenes like this..