Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kid Robot's Simpsons Series 2 Figures : Now with Extra Sadness!

If you are a card carrying member of the USA, you love to be able to walk into a store and score the little trinket that has tickled your fancy on any given day. What is the enemy of this freedom? BLIND BOXING!! Usually, this practice is reserved for obscure properties, art toys and other comunist interests, but every once in a while, it is dropped right on our unsuspecting, unprotected laps. Kid Robot is one company that loves the torment. Their series of Adult Swim figures created a world of shelves filled with Moral Orels and Toki Wartooths but barely any Mooninite Death Rays. Their Simpsons series 1 created further anguish for fans that don't get that many collecting opportunities these days. Now, with the release of series two, we present the straw that broke the horror fan's back. RARE CHASE ZOMBIE FIGURES!!! Could they have made the Simpsons as Mariachi Players the rare set? A cute oddity you'd drool over from afar? Yes...but they didn't. Gripping tight to your love of all things undead, the evil scientists of Kid Robot have created a collectible you have very little chance of obtaining, for $9.95 a try. What does Team Simpson think about the horrors of blind boxing and chase figures? Let's find out...

Simpsons mini series 2 includes…

Mariachi Homer 1/25
Mariachi Marge 1.25
Mariachi Bart 1/25
Mariachi Lisa 1/25
Mariachi Maggie 1/25
Zombie Homer 1/100
Zombie Marge 1/100
Zombie Bart 1/100
Zombie Lisa 1/100
Zombie Maggie 1/100
Sideshow Mel 1/20
Carl Carlson 1/20
Lenny Leonard 1/20
Hans Moleman 1/20
Selma Bouvier 1/40
Patty Bouvier 1/40
Milhouse Van Houten 1/20
Dr. Nick Riviera M.D. 1/20
Otto Mann 2/20
One armed Herman 1/20
Moe Szyslak 1/20
Groundskeeper Willie 2/20
Captain Horatio McCallister 1/20
Grandpa Abe 1/20
Hans Moleman
Disco Stu (Chase)

You can dive into the Simpsons figure craze right here - Kidrobot Simpsons Series 2 - Blind Box


  1. But are they 9.95 cool and you don't know who you may get?

  2. Yeah, not knowing if you'd get one or not is a big negative. Wish they just sold them as a specialty pack.