Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Subtle Art of Clockwork Orange

Ah, yes. Who could forget this striking piece of "Art" happened upon by the young adventure seekers in the feel good movie "A Clockwork Orange"?? In 1969, one would be able to buy Herman Makkin's "Rocking Machine" directly. In 2006, the artist felt he could deny the planet no longer and re-released his iconic sculpture. Then in 2008, Medicom teamed up with the artist for a limited release of a mammoth 2 and a half foot long, foot wide version of the machine in white and black colors. seems...IT IS BACK!! Just goes to show you, you can't keep a good stiff cock down. Now listed as a "movie prop replica", Medicom is poised to make another run of the sculpture that will make your mom cry in all its life-size glory. Since any info I've dug up is in Japanese, I can tell you no more than what I have already, but I wish you good luck in finding the giant penis of your dreams.

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