Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ghostface ...of the Undead?

WAAAAAAAY back in the olden days when Movie Maniacs was the only action figure line daring to make horror toys via McFarlane, we got a Ghostface action figure to menace our shelves with superior stabby action. Now, as Scream 4 prepares to hit theaters, NECA want to make sure you've got a little 7 inch GF in hand at the theater on opening night.

It seems the masters of pop culture plastics have not one but TWO different Ghostfaces on the way. One is described as the "Classic" look. The other... ZOMBIE??!! WHAT A TWEEST!! Have we just uncovered a major plot point of the film or just a costume change? Let's face it, those robes are getting old and it's got to be hard to chase today's steroid pumped teens in it. Plus, Zombies are so hot right now. DISCUSS!!

The toy is due to drop February, 2011 while the movie hits April 15th.

NOTE FOR THE TOY GEEKS: The "Zombie" Ghostface is packed 2 to 6 in a case, so the chase is on.

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