Wednesday, November 24, 2010

NECA's Gears of War Action Figures Series 6

NECA has been cornering the market on video game action figures. With virtually no competition, its not a hard task, but no one will argue that the detail and excellent paint aps put into every one of their figures rule the Toys R Us pegs. The Gears of War line has given us plenty to cheer about, even throwing in the extra gory details that make the horror fans weep with joy. Now that line continues into 2011 with series 6, featuring...

Kantus Priest
Cog Solider
Boomer Mauler

For those on the hunt, it looks like the Boomer will be one per case, with the Cog Soldier at 3 per. There was also some talk of a Cog Soldier variant, but we've seen zero proof of this so far, so cross your fingers on that front and wait for more news from the International Toy Fair this February!

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