Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mucus Tick Oozing Your Way

The wait is almost over!! After countless hardships, China mishaps and the poor Shocker Toys crew's nerves stretched to their limits as we missed every convention of the season....they are on the way. Indie Spotlight Series 2, complete with my very own, first ever Idle Hands exclusive action figure MUCUS TICK is on the way to the US of A and will soon be in your hot little hands!!! The big pic to your left is a shot of an actual production piece taken before my lovely booger Ticks were packed up and shipped off. The pics below show the custom card art (by Diana Deissler & Myself) we created for the project, making the limited edition Mucus Tick 100% unique. We'll give a shout when they start shipping, but for now, get those pre-orders in! CLICK HERE to catch your Uncommon Cold Mucus Tick today! After all, can you think of a better holiday gift for the dork in your life?

NOTE: For those looking forward to Indie Spotlight series 2, the exclusives were shipped first and the regular wave will follow.

NOTE #2: The eyes and teeth WILL be painted on the finished figure. This was an early shot taken right after the first ones were assembled. YAY accuracy!

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