Monday, November 15, 2010

NECA's Alien and Predator Pack for the Holidays

If I ran NECA and I knew we were making a new Alien vs Predator 2 pack, exclusive to Toys R Us, just in time for the holidays, I'd randomly insert little Santa hats on the action figures to put them in the holiday spirit! Of course, this would anger the completest fans who now have to buy two of the 2 packs but have a hard time finding the "Santa Chase" because drippy, greezy, smelly scalpers are scalping them every chance they get. Eventually they show up at the NJ offices of NECA with torches and blood in their eyes. Ahhhhh...I love Christmas.

NECA provided new in package images (and packaging art images) of their Alien & Predator 2 pack which they promise will be hitting Toys R Us stores early this December. The Alien features multiple points of articulation, a bendy tail and an extendable inner mouth while the Predator features 20+ points of articulation and a removable back pack. For those of you who have always wanted the iconic Pred and Alien, or know someone insane about the series, now is your chance to score some bloodthirsty plastic Alien goodness.

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