Monday, May 14, 2012

Attack of the 500 Dark Knight Rises Batmen

...which is a far better title for an article than "Dark Knight Rises Action Figures Winging to the Pegs!" Cheeeeese. Point of fact, Mattel's The Dark Knight Rises action figures are hitting shelves across the globe with sightings from Australia to Florida, so lets take a look at all those Batmen you'll soon be able to add to your collections in every flavor of the Skittles rainbow.

"When Commissioner Gordon stumbles upon a plot to destroy the city from within, Bruce Wayne gets back into action as the BATMAN. Waiting for him is BANE, a lethal adversary on a crusade to tear apart Batman's legacy piece by piece."

So far we've got five different types of figures going on, so we'll list according to price points from lowest to highest.

4.5 inch basic Dark Knight Rises action figures include...

Batman (basic costume), Batman (grey and black costume), Batman (goldish colored), Batman (teal and silver) & Bane

Then there are 4.5 inch Dark Knight Rises action figures with accessories...

Stealth Vision Batman
Ultra Blast Batman
Batarang Bash Batman
Caped Crusader Batman
Final Assault Bane
And a Silver Armored Batman with twin bat axes whose name I can't track down

4.5 inch Dark Knight Rises QuickTek action figures...

QuickTek : Scientifically engineered by Wayne Tech Industries, QuickTek offers the most advanced arsenal with instantly transforming technology. Deploy Battle Armor, get ready to battle and armor springs into action!

Deluxe Combat Claw Batman
Deluxe Flight Strike Batman
Deluxe Missile Armor Batman
Deluxe Tank Blaster Batman
Deluxe Venom Menace Bane
Deluxe Fist Fury Bane
Deluxe Air Attack Batman
Deluxe Saw Strike Batman
Deluxe Drill Cannon Batman
Deluxe Cyber Glider Batman

4.5 inch action figure 2 packs...

Swing Shot Bane VS. Stealth Vision Batman
Caped Crusader Batman VS. Final Assault Bane

6 inch Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Action Figures with Build A Projecting Bat-Signal pieces. The first three hitting now include...

Alfred Pennyworth

Up next are Detective Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), Catwoman and a secret third figure. It is worth noting the last waves of the Green Lantern movie masters series were a no show in the majority of stores across the country, so many of us are left without the full Build-A-Parallax. Just something to think about if you are going for a full, working Bat Signal.

10 inch Batman The Dark Knight Rises Ultrahero Action Figure : In "The Dark Knight Rises," Batman™ comes out of retirement to face one of the greatest threats ever to descend on Gotham City! The fight between Bane and Batman™ becomes the stuff of legend, and you get to re-live the story with incredible figures like this. Highly realistic, and with detailed articulation, too!

Use tech, brawn and brains to defeat villains / Comes with four accessories, including an "EMP" gun / Get the Bane 10" figure to recreate their epic battle!

And a Batman is nothing without the vehicles! Here's the rundown...

The Bat with Launch and Attack Batman : THE BAT, the new air attack vehicle featured in THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, is brought to life with launching projectiles, spinning propellers, easy-grip flight handle, battle sounds and a Launch & Attack BATMAN foam figure that launches up to 10 feet with the press of a button! Includes 1 vehicle, 1 foam glider BATMAN figure and 2 projectile missiles. Ages 4 and older.

QuickTek Attack Armor Bat-Pod : With instant transformation features, this BATMAN™ THE DARK KNIGHT RISES™ QUICKTEK™ Attack Armor BAT-POD vehicle can take on any villain in GOTHAM CITY. The ominous vehicle features an aerodynamic design, fat tires and weaponry on the front axles. But kids can quickly armor up the iconic BAT-POD into an even more aggressive attacking machine sure to keep criminals on their toes and on the run! Just attach the Attack Armor pieces, press the button and watch the armor wrap itself around the vehicle. One touch transformation! Deploy attack boosters! Fire Bat-Missile! Includes one 3.75-inch BATMAN™ figure. Ages 4 and older.

Also on tap...

QuickTek Combat Bustertank
QuickTek Gunship Hoverjet
QuickTek Turbo Jetcruiser
and a second Bat-Pod with a non-removable Batman action figure at the controls.

NOTES: We know the Alfred Movie Masters figure doesn't exactly look like the prototype we showed you some time back, but we've seen other pics posted as folks find the figure for sale, and he does look slightly better than you might think. It's all in the angles. On another note, while it is laughable that 98% of the Batman figures do NOT feature the man in the costume from the new movie, as a collector for years, we are used to this. I've seen caramel colored, day glow green and silver vac-metalized Batmen in my time, so pink, teal and gold Batmen are not shockers at all. It is all about repaint and slap on new accessories to sell a new figure to the kiddies! Whether the line is a success or not comes down to what each line will cost on the pegs. Soon enough, we'll have the answer! Will you be tripping over Batmen in the coming months? Certainly looks like it.

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Some pics by Plaid Pants & Steve's NW Collectibles on Ebay


  1. I remember the old day back on AF when the Batman Begins figures debuted. Everyone hated them, but I stuck up for them. And of course, they were crap and these seem the same quality.
    Remember the old days when Kenner got the Batman license and used the same mold and just made endless variations with colors and accessories? As an adult, it's ridiculous, but as a kid, they were hella phun. These remind me a LOT of those. Take the time to compare the to Kenner's old DK line, or the Batman Returns toys and you can see the similarity. When these are on clearance, i'll be sure to scoop a few up. For nostalgia.
    Preacher, Ouuuuuuuut.

    1. your love for nostalgia greater than the comedy found in the batman action figure model not changing since we were little kids? For me personally, I think it is hysterical that you can pretty much pick your favorite color, rather than batmen in cool concept outfits with gimmicky bat-gear.

  2. I always kind of thought of it as the nature of the beast. Countless variations of Bats, Spidey, Wolvie and Iron Man have been the norm, so I don't mind them at all. It might bug me if we didn't have the opportunity to own "Collector" versions of these characters. But we have everything from Movie Masters, to Marvel Select, to Hot Toys and so on. I live in the adult collector world, but the kid in my smiles when he sees a shiny Batman with a helicopter backpack.

    1. In the case of the movies, where there are generally only 2 to 3 characters to make, I fully understand 16 supporting bats in various disco jumpsuits. In the case of Batman: Brave and the Bold, it was a crime against fans to not seize the opportunity to make some golden age, silly ass bad guys that had actually turned up in more than a couple of episodes. What other time will we see captain boomerang, calendar man and kite man on TV? Never again, I'm sure. So sad.