Thursday, May 17, 2012

Times Square Toys R Us Avengers Battle Display

While running through New York City, I decided to make a pit stop at the Times Square Toys R Us to say hi to the T Rex, see what's new and take a peek at a Hasbro Avengers display I heard they had set up. Low and behold, in a circular case was a re-enactment of the final battle between super powered humans and blood thirsty aliens led by little plastic Loki...with some alterations of course. The Helicarrier may not have been featured in that last skirmish, but hot damn it looks cool alongside the explosions! ...and yes, it looks a little wimpy with Fury and Widow battling on that tiny deck...but we'll take what we can get. At any rate, dig the Chitauri alien action figures in battle!

Thanks to Times Square Toys R Us for access!

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