Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Update on NECA's Toys R Us Exclusives Lineup

When we last reported on this series of Toys R Us exclusives, we didn't know much more than the names and matched that to pictures we'd shot. Now we THINK we have all the pics to go with the info. Here's the rundown...

Predator 25th Anniversary 7" Scale AF Jungle Hunter Cloaked - For the first time, the classic predator is offered in his cloaked form simulating the movie cloaking effect. Over 20 points of articulation, the original 1987 Predator.

Assassins Creed Brotherhood - Ezio 7" AF Onyx Costume Unhooded - This special edition figure of Ezio Auditore in his Onyx costume comes with his hood removed so you can see his full likeness and hair, normally concealed by his hooded disguise. Over 30 points of articulation. Comes with Wrist Blades and Crossbow accessories.

Bioshock Series 3 - Brute Splicer 7" Scale Action Figure - A brand new figure from the #1 selling Bioshock franchise! The Brute Splicer is a fan favorite and has been requested since the launch in 2010.

Robocop - 7" Scale Action Figure GITD Night Fighter - This special edition action figure pays homage to the classic Kenner Toy line with an exclusive glow in the dark Night Fighter Robocop.
Combining today's sculpting and detail with the beloved GLOW effect is sure to please fans and collectors of Robocop.

Gremlins 2 - 7" Scale Action Figure Lightning Gremlin - A brand new addition to the growing Gremlins line, the unique lightning Gremlin. This special edition figure simulates the lightning or energy effect Gremlin that travels via electricity in Gremlins 2 The New Batch.

These items should show up on the pegs at Toys R Us this Summer, with a limited supply dished out to international chains.

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