Tuesday, May 1, 2012

X-O Manowar #1 Reviewed

In this nation of re-makes and re-imaginings, it should be of no surprise that the gods of the paneled page would see fit to resurrect some beloved, albeit somewhat obscure comic book heroes to see if they are a good fit with today's audience. To that end...coming to local comic shops in the coming months are Bloodshot, Harbinger, Archer and Armstrong and X-O Manowar, all from Valiant Comics! We got an advance peek at X-O, so here's the skinny...

It is a time of conflict when the rich get richer and the poor are just happy to be alive. Romans dominate the country side, leaving little room for the nomadic Visigoths who have already been driven from their own lands. With no where left to go, they are forced to clash with the superior might of the Roman war machine..which seem to have acquired powers beyond that of mortal men! Amid the chaos of war, alien visitors have taken advantage of the chaos to cover their clandestine activities. Young Aric of the Visigoths, headstrong and bold, has already sacrificed the life of many a soldier to his recklessness. He is not about to let his surviving brothers in arms be taken by creatures such as these!!

The set up is practically Cowboys and Aliens, with the Cowboys replaced by Visigoths! Give me a sword and armor tale over six shooters and dirt any day. From the look of the covers, we already know what is in store for Aric and it seems we are in for a killer time watching him get there. This first issue has a bit of a slow burn going on, setting up the canvas on which this story will play out, but doesn't skimp on the realities of ancient warfare and the carnage that comes with it. Aric's world is literally falling apart around him, so by the time he comes across otherworldly beings, he has nothing to lose. This makes him dangerous. The writing is serious but not weighed down with it's morose subject matter, creating a fast read that will torment you as you await issue 2! Consider this an intense tease. You are shown the man...and what he could be. Now you have to buy a ticket to the full ride to see what happens next! My prediction? Alien body parts floating through space. Aric is an angry, angry young man.

X-O Manowar hits comic shops Wednesday, May 2nd!

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