Monday, May 28, 2012

More Walking Dead Collectibles from Diamond Select & McFarlane Toys

Have we already established how awesome it is that we live in the future where we have a show about a zombie apocalypse blowing up TV screens around the world AND a movie coming to the big screen called Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter??!! One has nothing to do with the other...just pointing out the overwhelming awesome. Let's take a look at two companies bringing more zombies goodies to shelves near you...

Diamond Select's Walking Dead Zombie Bust Bank: We first caught wind of this at the International Toy Fair 2012 in New York City and now, the pre-orders are dropping.

Unlike the characters in Robert Kirkman's ongoing comic series The Walking Dead, our future isn't threatened by a zombie apocalypse (so far), so why don't you start saving for it? Put aside money for your zombie-proof dream house in this 8-inch vinyl bank depicting a lurker (or is it a roamer?) from the Walking Dead comic book, via the change slot in his back. Perched atop the book's now-famous logo, this gruesome character will keep any weak-stomached burglars from plundering your nest egg.

Pre-orders should be breaking wide any day now with a delivery date of November, 2012.

McFarlane Toys Walking Dead TV Series 2 Action Figures: 2 weeks ago we showed the preliminary images for the latest Walking Dead action figure series. Now, thanks to Carmelle Marshall ( on Twitter @TimeEnuffAtLast & on Facebook @ ), we've got new pics of Rick Grimes & the Bicycle Girl Zombie! Entertainment Earth has the whole series up for pre-orders now if you'd like to pounce on that.

We've also got some new pictures of the Walking Dead Season 2 Limited Edition Blu-ray case, also courtesy of Carmelle Marshall, and also created by McFarlane Toys. This limited edition statue is based on a bust from the Walking Dead television series on AMC as designed by Emmy award-winning special effects make-up supervisor and co-executive producer, Greg Nicotero. The limited Blu-ray 4 disc season 2 set will be available in Q3, 2012.

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