Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walking Dead TV Series 2 Action Figures

We got a sneak preview of the lineup at NY Toy Fair 2012 with mere character images on a preview board. Now you can get a good look at the actual action figures! Here's the lineup...

Rick Grimes (TV Version 2) comes complete with rifle and strap accessory, x2 interchangeable Hands, Removable Revolver and Cattle prod.
Bicycle Girl Zombie comes with damages mobile phone, jeans and base.
Well Zombie comes with Rope attached and Canned Ham.
RV Zombie comes with screwdriver accessory.
Shane Walsh comes complete with shotgun accessory and "why does Rick get extra hands and more weapons than me?!" facial expression.
*Contents are subject to change

Based on the hugely popular TV series The Walking Dead, comes this exciting Series 2 wave of 5 individually packaged 5-inch tall figures. These suckers are listed at the spine tingling pre-order price of $15 a pop! For a 5 inch action figure!! What a deal! (note the sarcasm) McFarlane had better get a handle on their pricing if they want to fill the world with zombie action figures, which we will gladly buy at $10 a piece. Hint hint..nudge nudge.

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