Wednesday, May 9, 2012

NECA Dishes Out More Hunger Games, Predators and Jasons!

Just a quickie post before I run into New York for the day! NECA just dropped some pre-orders, adding additional action figures to lines you know and love and offering an official picture to one fiend we saw at Toy Fair 2012.

First up, those loveable, blood thirsty kids from Hunger Games! only one of them was really blood thirsty...but we all know there was only one way to survive the game. NECA gave us an excellent series 1 just in time for the movie's release and now present series 2 with Katniss and Peeta in their training outfits and Rue and Cato in their "battle" gear. We don't have additional images yet but you can be sure all will come with appropriate accessories.

Next, we get a look at three new Predators from Series 6 of the mega popular action figure series. Casual collectors will note that NECA have been implementing new articulation for these alien hunters, making them more sought after than ever before. Series 6 includes Warrior, Scout and Lost Predators, all from Predator 2.

Finally, we bring you an updated look at the Friday the 13th action figures of Jason Voorhees, natch'. Now you'll have a Part 3 and Part 4 Jason to add to your collections!

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