Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New Adventure Time Zombie Candy Pack Found

While hitting a Men in Black 3 screening in NY, I made my usual visit to the TRex in Times Square and had plenty of time to browse the rest of the plastic kingdom. Not expecting much, I gave the Adventure Time cube (note that TRU now understands the popularity of the show enough to give it half a well placed cube) and came across more new product! Behold..the Adventure Time Undead People 4 figure pack starring Zombie Ice Cream, Zombie Finn, Zombie Heart & Zombie Cupcake (the original pack we saw at Toy Fair had a Zombie Candycorn in place of the candy heart). The good news? The paints are a BIT crisper and the sculpts are a wee bit sharper. The bad news? These are still unposable PVC's. Again, Jazwares, I'll stress that I'm a massive fan of the cartoon and have yet to buy a single figure. Please make something that will get me excited!!

On the flip side of the packaging was a teaser for the Fionna and Cake pack with Cake, Fionna, Prince Gumball and Marshall Lee and a Candy People pack with Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Cinnamon Bun and Peppermint Butler. I'm assuming these are out there right now, though my location only had the zombie candy peeps. I will note that Toys R only has the Undead People pack up for order, so maybe they are being released 1 at a time? We shall see. Happy Hunting!

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CLICK HERE to order Adventure Time 2-Inch Deluxe Undead People Action Figures from Entertainment Earth! They've also got listings for the Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, Finn in a Jake Suit & Beemo 5 inch figures, Finn in PJ's, Cake, Ice King, Fionna and Jake plush and MORE!

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